Sunday, November 14, 2010

Keys to Happiness

The best way to be happy is to concentrate on 3 things whatever you do . Those are

  1. Cultivating love
  2. Purpose
  3. Gratitude 
As a result of this you will feel love for yourself and as a side effect people  will love you for it.
It is almost impossible for others to love you unless you love yourself. When you value  yourself , others will value you too. You will have to be more open with your friends and share a lot with the. No man is an island . You cannot keep all these things down in you forever. You need to share  things and sharing things means you will feel more relaxed . It implies you trust your friend which in turn will make him happy and surely he will appreciate it and will return you the favor making you feel happy.

No one likes to think that their life is happening in a cipher, endlessly going no where. Of course we feel like this sometimes, but if that feelings continues for too long, life becomes pretty unbearable. Finding purpose in your life gives it meaning and joy. Without a purpose you surely will feel like not working and an idle mind is the devils workshop. It is absolutely imperative that you find a purpose in your life however small or big it is. Then you will impart a meaning to  your life  and every  action you do to achieve it will bring you enormous joy. Finding a purpose in life can be difficult but is important to experiencing happiness.

Be grateful for what you have and don't beat yourself up if you don't have something. If you are fat be grateful that you have a physique with which you can beat up any guy , any time. See you just have to see the positive side of it. God has created you for a purpose and he has given you everything that you need . All you need to do is be grateful and stop complaining about what you don't have and start realizing the power of what you have.

Being happy and in a relaxed state of mind helps build your confidence . One exercise that I use is the "Gratitude list".  Take out a sheet of paper and list it from 1-10. Now write down ten things you are grateful you have.It can be from a head full of hair to a techie brain. Once you have listed them , keep it in your pocket so that  you can read them from time to time and you know what you have.

More on the next post.

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