Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Stress and Body Language

Body language as you all know is our universal language and you will be amazed to find its similarities in people of different cultures. All our emotions are manifested in our bodies by our limbic brain as body language.

All our emotions: anger, laughter, stress, disgust etc. are expressed by our body using different  body language clusters.  These are universal emotions and are easily recognized by any one.

Now we know that our body language gestures are controlled by our emotions. Then some scientists started wondering if the reverse id possible. That is if you consciously adopted a body language gesture ,then would your body feel the emotion associated with it.

The answer is yes. This sort of reverse engineering is possible. By teaching your body to not take up certain gestures at certain situations consciously ,you can feel the way you want.

You may have seen laughter therapy . It works on this principle. If you could  consciously make your body adopt the gestures it would follow if it  were happy, then you could successfully make the brain feel that way. Thats why laughter therapy is a very effective way to deal with stress.

But if you knew the gestures that actually tell that you are stressed out and could efficiently  avoid them and adopt more positive gestures ,then you can make yourself feel positive.

This information is very vital as it can help you in numerous situations for ex: when on a date, job interviews, detecting deceit to name some.

Everyday we encounter this emotion. It is a part of our complex world. But it is really unbelievable that just by knowing that certain gestures show stress and avoiding it and adopting more positive gestures can beat stress . Even more shocking is the fact that most of the people in the world are not even aware of this.

Some gestures that show stress are

  1. Clenching of hands
  2. Arms wrapped around the torso is actually a defensive gesture and is also related to stress.
  3. Pursing of the lips . 

  These are some gestures to name a few that show stress. You will be amazed to find out how common these are.

More on these gestures in the coming posts

Note: Personally this is the best thing that has worked for me ie. knowing which gestures trigger what emotions and learning to control them. It is so easy and fast ,you'll be amazed at your improvement .

More in the next post.

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