Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Confidence Building ebooks

There are several self help books out there in the market. There are a lot of them really. But the drastic fact is that most of them are useless. Useless in the sense most of them don't teach you the basics. They just try to explain all the stuff quickly in a hurried pace. The end result is not what you wanted.

Well I have been researching about this for some time. I have read most of the books and here is a short list of the books that I found really useful.
  1. What Every Body is saying - Joe Navarro:-   This is one of the best selling books on Amazon. Joe is  an ex-FBI agent and he  brings his field experience into teaching you the basics of body language. The book is illustrated well with enough pictures and examples that it becomes easy for any person to understand the nuances of body language. If you are a beginner  to  body language I recommend you this.

 You know a lot of people are facing this problem . Small fights exaggerated will spoil your relationships until it is too late when you realize you want them back and if you could have prevented all this. TW Jackson helps you read the signs and play properly so that you can get back with your ex. A sure book you need to read.

   Well you might be expecting what is a physical training book  doing here. Just imagine if your body looked sexy and attractive , what it would do to your confidence. Surely it will rocket it up and you don't need anything else. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind which leads to healthy confidence which is what you want.

Mike Geary is an acclaimed physical trainer who helps you realize the truth about abs rather than the other authors there who just give you a workout list of exercises that you will never do. 

This is a refreshing way to 6-pack abs worth trying.

These are just some of  the books that I have found useful in boosting your confidence . Though they don't directly relate to confidence building , 2 of them teach you techniques to read other people and maintain calm while the third helps you to get a gorgeous body you will flaunt for sure.

More in the next post.

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