Saturday, October 02, 2010

Body Language and Confidence

Body language and confidence are related very closely. Actually body language is related to almost every emotion we feel. We express every emotion we feel in one way or other using our body which may be knowingly or mostly unknowingly . These are body language gestures . Learning them can be very useful in a lot of ways.

  1.  If you knew which body language gestures express what , you would be able to control your emotions using  body language.
  2. Lie detection : Why were FBI guys  taught body language and cops have right to arrest/frisk someone who looks suspicious.
  3. You would be able to look super confident and you would be super confident naturally because of it.
  4. You look could look super sexy and be able to attract  a partner of your choice.
  5. You would be able to understand more about what people are thinking and could effectively use it to your advantage.

See I  just gave you 5 reasons why you  should know about body language.

Body language is genetically programmed into us. When no languages were used ,hand and body gestures were used to communicate. Even though language developed we didn't forget our  old ways and we still use gestures unknowingly to communicate what  we are actually feeling.

To a trained eye these subtle gestures are more than enough to read you. Body language gestures and voice tone patterns form 90% of the communication and only the rest 10% actually comprises of the real words you spoke. It justifies the statement :

"It is not what you say, but how you say it"

Body language gestures are universal to all human beings and cultures and the most  universal emotions are gestured using  the same body language gestures worldwide. Body language trespasses all boundaries and learning it can help you in getting what  you want anywhere in the world.

Over the years , several emotions had trademark gestures. Even as language developed , we didn't forget what these gestures  represented. These were stored in our brain and we use them unconsciously to express what we feel. Also if we adopt a gesture knowingly , you will also feel the emotion associated with it. This is what is taught to you in confidence training. 

The instructors will teach you gestures that  are known to confident people. When you start  replicating them , you'll feel confident too and people start reacting to you too. With the good feedback ( you 'll feel the change ) you get from the people around you, you'll just continue the good things and get rid of the bad things.

I have learnt and have seen myself how people just do not get what they deserve because they project a bad image of themselves unknowingly. I'm here to help you change that using the most effective and time and science proven techniques in body language. Let the power flow to you.

See you on the next post.  

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